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Strategic Planning


  • Key Issues Review - This involves a review of the key issues impacting the firm's goals and objectives. Partners and staff are interviewed for their views on the firm's direction, internal environment, job satisfaction, personal goals, issues preventing them from reaching their goals, etc. The results of this process often reveal surprising information that can become central issues to be dealt with in the planning process.
  • Partners Planning Retreat - Planning needs to take place in a non-threatening environment with a facilitator who leads the firm to a consensus on its goals and objectives, and starts building the framework for the firm's strategic plan. We can faciliate a partners' planning retreat where everyone has their say and contributes to a planning exercise that moves the firm forward. 
  • Core Values Statement - Facilitate creation of an agreement between your partners on the firm's core values. This is the first step towards creating a shared vision for your partners. This also determines what characteristics your future partners should have and who you should hire. Professional firms' futures are determined by the way they select and develop their people.
  • Vision Statement - Facilitate creation of a vision statement for the firm. The vision statement is the embodiment of your partners' goals in a way that everyone can visualize and describe it. The vision statement will become the driving force behind your marketing and recruiting efforts for the future. 
  • Firm Strategic Plan - Facilitate the creation of a long-term strategic plan to achieve your firm's vision. We can assist in the development of strategies and action plans with accountability and timelines. We are also experienced in facilitating the development of practice group and individual partner performance plans.